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My story

I’m a digital marketer who is passionate about helping local businesses dominate their market.

Hi, my name is Ryan and I’m a digital marketing expert.

The majority of my experience has been in creating and managing Facebook Ads and Google Ads Campaigns. I’ve helped generate over 13,000 leads for various businesses and I love what I do!

A common tactic I use to generate leads online is to use Facebook Lead Ads. These campaigns allow businesses to use a native Facebook form, which pre-populates the user’s information into appropriate fields.

In addition to Facebook Lead Ads, I’ve also relied on creating conversion optimized landing pages within WordPress, especially when running Google Ads campaigns.

Once I create either a Facebook Lead Ads campaign or a Google Ads campaign, I try to test as much as the marketing budget will allow. The key to digital marketing success relies on testing every step of the campaign funnel such as ad copy, audience targeting and even follow-up.

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Feedback & Reviews

These are some of my reviews taken from Fiverr.com

” Great work and the most knowledgable Social Media Marketer I have met on Fiverr. “


David Schwartz

7 Plus Credit

” Ryan exceeded all expectations. He is very knowledgable and has a deep understanding of marketing. You can tell that this is his passion and he gave me very valuable insights.”


Max Decker


” Way exceeded my expectations in terms of work product, speed and communication. Clearly he knows his stuff, and he was polite and friendly in helping me take advantage of his expertise.”


Jonathan Kaye

Bespoke Bedrooms Direct

What can I do for you?

Here are some of the services that I provide to clients

I can create Facebook Lead Generation Campaign

One of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to start your journey in online lead generation is with Facebook Lead Ads. These work so well because the Facebook Lead Form pre-populates a user’s information and it’s not necessary to create a landing page to get started.

I can create an optimized WordPress Landing Page

Getting users to click on your online ads is only half the battle. That’s why having a landing page that converts traffic into leads and customers is essential for any successful digital marketing campaign. Though there are many landing page builders available online, I prefer creating them natively in WordPress using a plugin called Elementor.

I can create an Adwords Search Campaign

Why Google Ads? Because of the audiences. With Google Ads Search Advertising your ads populate when your customers are looking for your products and services. Depending on the business / industry, this might be the place to start over Facebook.

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Feel free to give me a call and get quick feedback on potential digital marketing strategies.

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